Our Care Services

Personal Care and Assistance

Our team is dedicated to ensuring our clients are comfortable in their homes and always feel like they have someone looking out for them. They are also devoted to providing patients with the highest level of personal care services.

Meal Preparation and Diet Planning

Helping Hand Health LLC offers meal preparation and diet planning, and these services can be very beneficial for people of all ages. Not only does this service help with convenience, but it also promotes healthy eating habits.

Professional Medication Management

We offer medication management services that include: organizing, reconciling, monitoring, and dispensing medications. We also provide consultations with our pharmacists to discuss any side effects or questions related to the use of certain medications.

Transportation and Errands

Our team comprises professionals with years of experience in the service industry, so you can be sure we’ll take care of everything for you! From doctor/dental appointments to shopping trips to the grocery store, we have you covered.

Companionship and Recreation

We take pride in the quality of our care and strive to offer the highest level of in-home companionship and recreation services. Our staff is carefully selected based on their expertise and enthusiasm for creating positive client relationships.

Light Housekeeping and Domestic Duties

As the best healthcare agency, we offer light housekeeping services covering all cleaning and house maintenance activities to improve our patients’ lifestyles. We assist adult and senior clients to lead healthy and independent lifestyles in the comfort of their homes.

Funding for Hospital Care

We believe that healthcare should be accessible to all individuals regardless of economic background or financial standing; that’s why we offer funds for hospital care. We strive to support individuals in any way possible, whether through direct donations or collaborating with hospitals and clinics.

Home Health Care

Our home healthcare services include regular check-ups for minor ailments such as colds and flu and intensive care for more severe issues like cancer or heart conditions. We bring you the best practitioners and provide them with all the necessary equipment.